Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm doing this for joanna

I want Joanna to update her blog every day so I can have something to do.
So I told her.
er, demaned it of her.
(I'm saying her, even though I'm pretty sure you're the only one that will read it)
Anyways, now I will write a blog so it's fair. And despite my ability to ramble on and on and on and on and on about whatever...I can't really settle on something clever and witty to write about. Although, if I do start thinking about it then I'm sure this blog will start consuming my thoughts like it did when I was in high school and had a livejournal. Everything I did, heard and said was procssed through my mind by the following set of questions-

Is this interesting enough to write about on live journal? no - stop. yes - continue
If I exagerate this event/thought/idea, will people who read my live journal know? yes - stop. no - continue.
Does this make me appear extrememly pensive? no - stop. yes - continue.
Do I think this will uphold my scene kid image? no - stop. yes - POST AWAY!

But, I'm an adult dont worry, I wont write about how my feelings got hurt because johnny didn't blah blah blah after i blah blah blahed.

and now my blog brain process will probably be more like this-

Is this witty and funny and make me come off as clever? no - stop. yes - POST AWAY!

now I know what you're thinking -

"but sarah, I just read all of that, and it wasn't clever at all."

Shut up.