Sunday, November 11, 2007

It is only November 11th, right?

So, why did the mall by my house have their tree lighting ceremony yesterday?

And why has one of the local radio stations already started playing christmas music?

And why has ABC family, who always does "The 25 days of Christmas" programing in December, started "The Countdown to the 25 days of Christmas"? ISN'T THAT WHAT THE 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IS?!? A COUNTDOWN?!

I expect to already see christmas decorations for sale at target, walmart and the likes but seriously, a tree lighting ceremony two weeks before thanksgiving?! Thats just not right.

Don't get me wrong, I love christmas to an above average extent. My neighborhood is having a christmas decorating contest and in my mind, I've already won. Not to mention the fact that from the day after thanksgiving until the day after Christmas I exclusively listen to Christmas music (I even set my alarm clock to it. Can you think of a better way to start your day?) But part of the love of christmas is the build up. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas.
Do you know how badly Thanksgivings feelings have been hurt? I mean, he's the middle child which is hard enough for anybody, but then theres all the other things. No one puts out thanksgiving deorations, or gives thanksgiving presents or thanksgiving candy to children in thanksgiving cotumes. Thanksgiving really has only got two things; family and food. But, Christmas does that, too. Thanksgiving tries to stay calm about the whole situation, trying to think about all the things he greatful for. The wonderful bounty of food that is brought forth, uniting families in laughter and happiness. He even thinks he was put in the middle for a reason - to let everyone take a rest between his older and youner siblings events. Usually, this is enough to keep him from feeling like the blacksheep of the family, but recently, it's been harder and harder to keep this positive attitude, but this year? This year Chritsmas has crossed the line!

Halloween excitment grew for a month. Houses were decorated, parties were thrown. Thanksgiving waited paitinently and now it's his month. Christmas, you're already the prettiest and most adored holiday, so just back off for a few weeks! Your time will come, it always does!
How would you like it if we started sending valentines and dying easter eggs in december?

Didn't think so.


Maleah Howell said...

Thanksgiving thinks it has it so bad! How many people kill themselves because they spent too much money on a turkey?

<3 Your little sister.