Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oh my god, oh my god you guys!

I love musicals. In the past few months I've seen 4. Two movie musicals, 2 theater musicals.

Two of the musicals (one movie, one theater) we're amazing. The other two were total shit.

The two awesome ones were Hairspray (the movie, turned musical, turned movie musical!) and Legally Blonde The Musical.

The two that blew so unbelievably bad were Across The Universe and Wedding Singer the Musical.

The thing that kills me is that on paper there is absolutley no logical reason why Legally Blonde The Musical is a Tony Award Winner and Across the Universe, a movie based on Beatles music, makes me want to yell at strangers on the street and poke them with things...peferably hot things...just to piss them off and get them to spread the anger.

But its true.

I can't explain it.
But it's true.

I can't say that I hated wedding singer the musical as much as I hated across the universe. It just wasn't very good. I mean, duh, its a movie based on an Adam Sandler movie who's entire premise is that he sings 80's songs...and they don't sing any of those 80's songs in the musical. But, this is my point. Based on this logic, Legally Blonde should be terrible too.
In Wedding Singer for some reason that is totally lost on me, include billy idol, tina turner, ronald and nancy regean, cindy lauper and a few other 80's icons that i didn't recognize.
For no reason.

Anyways, theres really isn't a point here, just that I love hairspray and legally blonde the musical.

And I wish bad musicals would stop waisting my can't stop the beat.