Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cheaper than botox, quicker results!

I gave my blog a face lift...which means I just changed the template and it took me approximately 45 seconds.

Just returned from the out-of-state extended-family thanksgiving weekend and I've decided that I will opt out of these from now on. I understand why my brother hasn't gone to the big thanksgivings or Christmases in about 5 years. I love seeing my parents and my sister, and there are one or two other family members I enjoy seeing, but that's out of about 30 people. Hardly seems worth it.
I see these people once a year, at best. I know people that I would barely consider acquaintances that I see more often than that, and yet I'm supposed to have some intimate connection with strangers because we share 1/4 of the same blood? It doesn't happen. It's awkward and forced...but since we're strangers that have known each other for a life time, we all seem to expect something out of everyone else, which is always a disappointment.
I find that when I'm around my family, I'm always hurting peoples feelings and people are always hurting mine. Every body lets every body down. It happens just as much around my extended family, but without the balancing out of joy that you get from being around people you truly care about.

At least I got to be with my sister two weekends in a row! She makes me happier than don't know what. Something that's really happy.(even if she is always threatening to punch me)

Oh, OH! The club house in my neighborhood is all decked out in Christmas tacky-ness! You know those inflatable Christmas decorations? There is six of them! On top of random colored lights everywhere! I LOVE IT!