Monday, November 19, 2007

fun for the soul...not so fun for the ears

It looks like I fell off the NaBloPoMo waggon.
I made it half way through, thats something. And I'm back, which is something else.
Any who's it, I was introduced to the coolest thing ever this weekend - Japaneese Kareoke.
If you dont know what it is, its a place that has several private rooms with comftorable seating, tables, and kareoke. (think Lost in Translation) The one I went to in Jax allows you to bring your own food and booze (or you can order from the restraunt next door with the push of a button). They have tons of songs, two microphones and lots of tamberines...which, inevidably, was my favorite part. Plus, the 5 monitors that play the lyrics to the songs have the most bizare, campy background videos playing like a view of the golden gate bridge, followed by hawiian luau dancers, followed by race car driving, followed by farm get the idea.
All of this, and its only 5 dollars an hour!
So you invite your friends, you get to sing kareoke, you dont have to get embarassed to sing in front of strangers or wait forever for your song to's basically endless, drunken, screaming, tamberine banging fun.
Jeff and I were invited to go by some friends on Friday night and had a blast...then Maleah, my little sister decided to pop into town with some friends so you better bet where I took them on Saturday (yes, yes. I know how nerdy this makes me seem).
And you better bet that they had the best time ever. They never had a better day in their lives. And they never will. Thats it, they've done all they can do on the fun factor.
Thats how great this place is.

big sister -----> <-----little sister