Friday, November 9, 2007

heart of glass

I feel obligated to write a post, but I also have other feelings which include tired, dirty, headachey and generally ick.

So, I'll take this opportunity to tell you about my possible heart problem. (As WebMD has led me to believe)

So,back in June I almost passed out while I was hiking a mountain. I hadn't eaten much and had little water so, duh, thats why...right?

Exactly a week later I went to a strip arobics class with my mom (true story) and the same thing happened again. first nausea, then lightheadedness, a very keen awareness that i'm about to fall down followed by spots and a dulling of sound.
This time, however, I had eaten a healthy lunch and had plenty of water.

I go to the doctor, he does a thousand test but none reveal anything. (Might I just add, though, that every test he did was while I was at a resting heart rate...not much of a threat for me, there)

Needless to say, I've been a bit paranoid about working out too hard ever since then, because I'm afraid I'm gonna pass out on the treadmill and split my head open, but the lack of physical exercise is really starting to take a toll on me.
I signed up for a gym last week and got a complimentary session with a personal trainer. Well, well, well. 25 minutes in and THE SAME THING HAPPENS.

whats the deal?

an appointment with a cardiologist is defenetley in order.

But theres a new development today. I feel like I have a brick sitting on my breast bone.



Bonnie said...

I'm here via NaBloPoMo.

Yes! Go see a cardiologist.

My ex-boyfriend went through something similar, but was getting progessively worse. It got to a point where he'd have an episode while at rest. We would go to the ER and they would find nothing. He knew something was wrong with him, but the doctors were telling him it was probably stress. He had fruitless visits to the local ER and doctors.

One night while sleeping, he felt an episode coming on but refused to go to the local ER again. (Wow... odd... that was 5 years ago today.) I called his parents and we took him to the ER at a hospital an hour away where they have a heart center. His heart returned to normal by the time we got there, but they took tons of blood samples and kept him overnight. The next day they ran every test you can imagine. Diagnosis: failing mitral valve.

His heart was nearly twice the normal size and the cardiologist told him if he had gone untreated that he probably would not lived another year. It was 7 months from his first ER visit to when he saw the cardiologist. He had valve repair surgery a month later and was back to normal life in a couple of months.

Two of his brothers and his sister saw cardiologists after that because they had been having similar minor symptoms. Within 8 months of ExBoy's surgery, his brothers both had the same surgery. His sister has been monitoring hers since and knows surgery is in her future.

Sarah said...

I'm also here via NaBloPoMo...

and I agree. Get thee to a cardiologist! I don't have any similar stories to share, but I know how scary heart problems are. If you go back to your own doctor absolutely insist on a referral for a stress test!