Saturday, February 2, 2008

I love your sense of entitlement! Where did you get it? Would you be mad if I went and got some, too?

Yet another up date on the Parking Lot War

My next door neighbor, Jodi, just informed me that the night before we actually left for Tampa, this crazy ass mo-fo lady that put the note of Jeff’s car went DOOR TO DOOR banging...not politely knocking...but banging. She was demanding to know whose car was parked in her spot. Apparently she was causing a gigantic scene, pointing at people, accusing people of things, like lying about which cars people actually owned.

That’s right. She went down the entire row of town houses demanding to know who parked in front of her house know...she didn't want to have to walk down the entire row of town houses to get to her own place.


Vanessa said...

Some people do such a stellar job of making themselves look like a jack-ass no additional help is needed. I'd say she has this skill mastered!

Terry Derryberry said...

Continue to park there, even if you don't need to, even if every other spot in the lot is open, PARK THERE!!