Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paved paradise and we still aren't satisdied

Jeff and I live in a small complex with ample parking. So ample that no one has assigned parking and there isn't even specified visitor parking. It's kind of understood that if you have visitors, you have them park in the spots that aren't directly in front of the houses, but nothing official.

Seriously, on bad days you might have to park five or six spots away from whats closest to you. Now see, there are about 2 spots in front of each house which you would think would mean you could always park in front of your house, but some of the units (including ours) are tucked away in corners. Imagine all the little sections of the complex as a V, we're in the point. So, it just doesn't work out like that all the time, but there are still enough spots for everybody.

So, last night, Jeff and I come home from happy hour...three hours after happy hour ended...and parked in the closest spot to us. Which was the last spot in our little section of the complex. It happened to be the very first spot, the top of the V, if you will.

Jeff hasn't moved his car all day. He just came back from a run and found this note on his car:

This pisses me off for many reasons.

1) We have no assigned spots, ass hole. This is not your spot. In fact, we have parked in this particular spot many times.
2) We've parked in this spot several times because we've lived here longer than you have, and yet you don't have decency to note who your neighbors are? Especially since Jeff, you know, the one who's car you put the note on, says hello to you almost every morning on the way out the door.
4) Also, we know who you are. And we know that you are a big fat lady so, seriously, would it hurt you to walk 10 feet to your door, bitch?


Vanessa said...

I lived in Seattle for a time and parking there is tight to say the least. I once had someone park ON my bumper, yes their car was actually resting ON TOP of my bumper causing the whole front end of my car to sink lower and almost rest on the tires. There is no accounting for the assholes of the world. Good luck with your neighbor!