Monday, January 7, 2008

When I grow up, I wanna be...

My job situation is terrible, at best. I have this job where the people are really nice but it's a little homespun opperation and they just simply don't have enough stuff for me to do, which, roughly translates to, they don't have enough money to pay me.

I worked at a sex shop (I'm sorry, a romance superstore) before this job and took a huge pay cut (yes, the sex industry banks) because I thought it was more carreer oriented, but seriously, I'm running out of monetary resources.

Now I'm one of those people who has about a thousand things she wants to do when she grows up and don't really know anything about any of them. I would like to own a restraunt, I would like to work in television, I would like to create the mixed tapes you hear in chain restraunts and stores like the gap. Seriously, how do you become one of those people? I would so kick ass at that!

Anyways, I need money. And also, new friends wouldn't hurt either. I've come up with 2 options - but please, if you have others, let me know.

Option A - Get a job as a waitress - flexible hours, like minded people, tip money, help me figure out if I really want to own a restraunt.
A1 - I could still keep my crappy little job, but I'm not sure why i would
Option B - Quit my job and go to a temp agency and work temp jobs til I get offered a legit, bonified (but probably lame) job.

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions*.

*suggestions I dont want - Monster, career builder, hot jobs and the like. I'm being serious, has anyone ever gotten a job off of those things? A job that didn't entail some sort of marketing, be it of the tele-, door to door, or internet varieties?


Vanessa said...

I'm 31 and still figuring out what I want to do. I've waitressed, sold houses, medical office manager, accounting administrator. Its one of those things that some people seem to know instinctively and others fumble around until they find that exact right thing.