Thursday, January 10, 2008

If I could by the world a coke, I would probably put the money to better use.

I'm in Atlanta, slightly intoxicated, and, for some reason, writing in my blog.

We did a lot of Atlanta-esque things today; the aquarium, the CNN behind the scenes tour (AMAZING!) and the World of Coke.

Now, if any body knows me...really knows me...then you know what a big fucking deal this was that I went. It's a brand new World of Coke. Just opened, state of the art, blah blah blah times bigger than the other one. All new new new new.

When I was roughly 14, I went to the old World of Coke and decided that they were brain washing people and were essentially forming an army to take over the world. Seriously. How I came to this conclusion isn't exactly clear to me. I know it had something to do with being forced to watch a movie before we could do anything else and how it was about third world countries struggling to survive until a truck full of coke showed up and everybody was all better.

Look, I don't know, but it made a lot of sense at the time. I was passionate about how I hated coke, and was pretty passionate about not going to the New World of Coke. But then I thought that I could actually go and take pictures, you know, document the conspiracy (seeing how I couldnt really remember anything that I was actually so offended over). So we went.

And heres my conclusion:

Coke caught on to the fact that I was spreading the truth about their terrible mind control games, thus needing to make the new world of coke (which is already more successful then new coke which only lasted for 79 days). New world of coke includes Andy Warhol paintings, 4d movies, and of course, 63 different sodas to drink to your hearts content (or til you vomit). So, of course its worth the 15 dollars, and 45% less mind controlish...i think...but, I don't know, maybe I got sucked in. I just don't trust it.

Plus, I've brushed my teeth 4 times today, because seriously, 63 different kinds of soda to drink? it makes my teeth and my brain grainy and smelly.

But I dont have a brain brush.

shannon says "tell the blogosphere 'peace' for me".

Also, at a bar tonight, Shannon said "Oh the things I put in my ass..."

Also, Also, Meaghan says it probably wasn't worth the 15 dollars.