Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Memories of Spring Breaks Past

Scene: Wake up in the morning after a long, very drunk day in Mexico.

Convene for breakfast in the restaurant of the cruise ship that you are on with 14 of your sorority sisters.

Listen to Joanna tell this story:

"Wow, I remember getting back on the cruise ship yesterday and rolling down the grand entrance stairs...but I can't remember who I was with. Was it any of you guys?"

"Not me" we all confidently agreed.

"Well, all I can remember is that someone took a picture...damn it...who took that picture??!! Sarah, was it you??"

"No. I was not with you when you rolled down the grand stair case, that's ridiculous...I would have remembered that!"

"I thought it was Sarah...but..."

and so it went all day long...who took that picture of Joanna? Did she just imagine someone took that picture of her?

And then that night my bunk mate Katy picked up my camera and started looking through it.

"Um, Sarah...has anyone else taken had your camera on the cruise?"


"Then please explain this picture-"


Ok...I'm as equally as excited for the rest of this coming weekend as I am about the wonder kids.


Breeny said...

Ah yes, those were the days.

Hope Watt didn't give up sobriety for Lent again this year.