Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Miley!!

Miley Cyrus has an autobiography.

Called Miles to Go.

I didn't even pick it up but I imagine it reads something like this

"Ya'll, one time, my dad had this song called achey brackey heart and like, ya'll that was significant to my life. And then my dad played my dad on tv when I was hannah montana and well basically I'm cashing in on every fleeting moment possible because I'm only 15 and I saw what happened to Britney, ya know? Or like, Drew Barrymoore? She totally made a comback and she totally wrote an autobiography at 13 so like...thanks for buying my book, Ya'll. My boyfriend is in his 20s."

(It's still a felony!)

Also...what is a blue raspberry?
I bought a bag of jelly beans that has a picture of every fruit its trying to represent in the flavor department but for the blue raspberry flavor it just has a picture of blue jelly beans.

fruit flavor fail.


bittersweetheart said...

Hahahahaha that's hilarious. And probably very true.

Becs said...

I read an article yesterday where Miley was saying that her 20 year-old bf brings her closer to God. Umm yeah. Right.