Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Facebook Stalking Has a Whole New Meaning

You know those ads on the side of facebook that always seem to be related to whatever your facebook says about you?

For instance, 85% of the ads on my facebook are about "The ultimate wedding diet". But every once and a while they tell me of bands on tour that I have listed under my favorite bands or if someone writes on my wall about how much I suck, there might be an add for a vacuum cleaner for a few days.

But then I got this ad for an inhaler for people with asthma.

I don't have asthma nor have I even mentioned to people how I'm training to run and I got really wheezy the other day.

So imagine my shock the day I got the ad for the inhaler because it was the day I bought an inhaler with my credit card.

Am I being paranoid here? Or is facebook reeaalllyy stalking me?


Breeny said...

That's really effing scary, and I hope it's just your paranoia.
If it's not... I'm quitting Facebook. Stalking where you stick your credit card number crosses a line I'm not okay with.