Wednesday, April 15, 2009

make up the break down

Tonight at the Salon/Spa where I work we had an event called "Sake, Sushi and Spring Fashion" where in a local sushi joint provided the grub, a local upscale boutique provided the clothes for our models and we (the salon) provided the free booze (and lots of it) and the party itself. It was fun.
Lots of fun.
And lots of people showed up, way more than I thought would. I mean, who goes to parties at their salon?
I guess when you're good at what you do, people will flock for free stuff.

So each stylist had their own model in which they created a dramatically different hair look for them and I was told, flippantly and with no prior proof that I knew what I was doing aside from the fact that my licence says I can, was told I would be doing each models make up.


I like doing my own makeup but this was a lot of pressure.
I was nervous.

I had then entire responsibility of making every one of these ladies look good.

And people...these ladies looked good.

Maybe this seems like a rather insignificant item of note but I thoroughly surprised myself with how good all of these women looked. And different. I did something entirely different on each person.

And well...I'm pleased.

Also, one of my new friends, Christina, showed up despite the fact that she was lost for an hour and by herself. I did her makeup too. I guess I don't need to tell you how she looked*.

*Less good because by the time she got there I was drunk, but still impressively good all things considered.