Sunday, October 4, 2009

She bang, she bop bop

Last night, Jeff, a few friends of ours, and myself joined the “100 Beer Club” at Mellow Mushroom. Once we drink 100 different beers (in whatever time we want to do it in – safety first, please!) We get our name on a plaque, an engraved glass mug and other fun stuff. What could be better than that, you ask? Well I'll tell you what!
We had a Sean Burgundy spotting!! (You remember this story here, right?)
I was ecstatic that other people got to see just how legitimately he looked like Will Ferrell with a sweet ‘stache. Jeff was impressed that he was wearing the exact same thing that he was wearing when he tried to fight us.
After that we went to a party on somebody’s roof in the middle of downtown Charleston. As much as I’d like to believe that my city is progressive and forward thinking…lets be honest. I live in Charleston. The guy who was throwing the party pointed out along the skyline of all the houses that have been standing since, and I quote, “The fight for southern independence”. While it was a beautiful view, it was sullied by his constant insistence that the south will rise again. Until, you know, the cops showed up. Apparently the Lynard Skynard was being blasted too loud. After that he stopped screaming about the south and started screeching about how this never would have happened if Obama wasn’t president. When I was done laughing my ass off at him Jeff and I tried to catch a cab to take us from one end of downtown where the party was to the other side, where our car was. However, Charleston does not have an over population of cabs and they’re nearly impossible to come by, so we decided to walk. An hour later we got back to our car but not before noticing that people are out and about doing very bizarre things in the 2 am hour. My favorite incident was, while winding through the very ritzy residential homes of down town a drunk guy checking out a gated house with a big for sale sign (probably for 3 million dollars, not kidding) hollered at us from across the street.
“Hey! Do you think this house has a pool?”
“Hell yeah!” I screamed back
“Should I go see?”
“Um…Hell yeah!”
“Ok…wait right there. Gimmie 5 minutes!”

I wish I knew where this guy woke up this morning. This is the stuff is made of.


JQ said...

The 100 beer club sounds like a grown-up, classy version of a Ken's mug. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish we had mellow mushroom. Instead we go to the flying saucer and have joined the UFO club. Once we drink 200 different beers we get a saucer (plate) on the wall too! I think I only have 186 to go! Haha good luck!