Thursday, October 29, 2009

facebook me!

I have too many facebook friends.

I'm not trying to sound conceded. Or too cool for other people but lets be honest - when you place the word "facebook" in front of the word "friend" it completely looses the validity and importance of said "friend".

For instance, here are some ways that I describe my dear friend Joanna -
My best friend
My oldest friend
My sorority sister
My brides maid

Here are ways that I could describe her but won't because they take away the validity of our relationship -
A girl I met in dance class
An old neighbor
Someone I know who lives in California
Facebook Friend

So today people, I will be doing some cleaning. It's a tricky thing though - I can't just go through and delete everyone except for people I'm still in touch with...there are some people that I don't necessarily talk to but still am interested in where their life has taken them.

Mainly, I'm deleting those people who, after a drunken night on the strip, junior year, facebooked me after we got home and we never ever spoke again. Or, the people that I friended in 2005 because I thought I knew who they were but I wasn't really sure because back then it wasn't quite as clear who was trying to contact me but it was kind of a badge of honor to have lots of facebook friends.

That should be a solid 150 people right there.

And then there are the people who I was friends with for like, a semester. We hit it off in French class, worked on a project again but every time they show up on my news feed I think "who is that person?"

Oh...and then there are those people that I totally know but just annoy me. They update their status 40 times a day. They "like" everything you do. Their constantly asking you to join their mafia groups or help feed their cows on their farms or some weird shit that I don't even understand.

But my biggest gripe...the first people that are getting deleted...are the people that "chat attack" every time I sign on to facebook. Hi. We went to high school together. We haven't spoken to each other in six years. Stop telling me about the script your writing every freakin' time I sign on to FB. You make me afraid to go on FB. I don't care if this hurts your feelings, you're about to get deleted.

You a few hours...when I've determined that I can sign back on without getting chat attacked by you.


Shannon Buckmaster said...

The chat attack thing kills me. Whenever I am on Facebook now I never enable the chat feature. Old boyfriends, old college people trying to convert me to Christianity, it never ends. Be cutthroat Sarah, just don't cut me because then I'll cut you, for real, I have a knife.

JQ said...

iluyou lazeygirkey (don't delete me as your facebook friend, puhleeeeeeeze)