Tuesday, September 22, 2009

tempting varieties

Yeah, I bought these yesterday-

and yeah, I do find the fact that Bella's flavor is "creme" and it's liquidy and very white and just starts oozing out the second you bite into it a not so subtle metaphor for her love triangle. And yes, I'm not surprised that I like Jacob's peanut butter filled flavor the best because Jacob is the best.

Even though I wouldn't have eaten it, I probably would have made Bella's candy have a raspberry filling since it's the fact that shes a human with blood inside of her that's gotten her into all this trouble in the first place...not vampire semen...that doesn't get her in trouble til the 4th book...(I wont even get into why it's so retarded that having unprotected sex with a vampire doesn't turn her into a vampire, but it does get her pregnant) (um...spoiler alert.)

We're having a candy bar at our wedding and I haven't quite convinced Jeff that these candies should be included. Still working on it though...I've got two months.

Two months.

The invitations are officially in the mail.

Hows that for a transition?


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Feels good, doesn't it? I tried one of the creme filled ones (just bought a single candy at Blockbuster), it wasn't bad - but then I wasn't thinking of it quite the way you just described it. *gags*

JQ said...

Not mine.

And please have jelly bellies, or gummy bears, that you can feed me and ask me questions with at the reception, even though i know not to believe the "Will you be with me forever and be buried in the same plot" questions. Liar.