Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two Stories That Do Not Appear To Be Related But Are

Story 1 - When the seasons change I am prone to pretty killer sinus headaches that make me useless doing anything that requires the slightest head movement. It feels like my brain is rattling in my head. When this happens I have to act fast and I have two options. Benedryl or some kind of drug with Psuedophedrine in it. This is the stuff that meth is made out of.
I get jittery if I drink a Soda. This stuff makes me feel like I'm on crack. But unless I can spend my whole day sleeping then I have to pick it over the Benedryl.
It leaves me impaired. My brain jumps all over the place, I get hot and sweaty, my stomach feels weird all day, and I just don't function at the normal level that I've come accustomed too as a moderately intelligent adult.
But it's better than the sinus headaches.
This morning I got a sinus headache shortly before I had to go to work. So I took this -

Story 2 - I own deodorant and Icy Hot. They are both in a roller ball type dispensary.

Guess what I put on my arm pits after I came home from work and was feeling uncomfortable hot and sweaty?


Blair said...

Sarah - its time i took night-time sinus medicine at 7am before going into to work for a full day...i thought because it was yellow (like the sun) it surely meant it was daytime...i was wrong...
i understand your pain:)

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

I was really hoping this was going to involve the time you took "Sudafed" and went grocery shopping with Brittany. But this one was funny too.
- Marge