Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thing I Love Thursday...Opening Credits eddition

I'm starting a new weekly segment over here - "Things I love Thursday..."

and I'm kicking it off with TV Show Opening Credits that I love. The best show openers subscribe to the "show, don't tell" motto. They perk your ears at the first note, and suck you in for the whole show without giving anything away...but somehow filling you in on everything you need to know. (Also...I know this sucks but I either can't get these to embed or the embedding code has been removed...but definitely check out the links!)

So, without further adu-

5. Mad Men - This sequence is haunting. The music is "psycho" caliber creepy as we watch Don Draper fall, fall, fall, only to land on his cushy couch.

4. Big Love - Gripping and beautiful, this minute and a half of credits is so chalked full of drama that if you're not sucked in I'm just not sure theres any hope for you.

3. Weeds - Oh, the biggest problem with having an opening credit that so perfectly sums up your show is when your show changes, so must your credits...this theme has gone by the way side but it did it's job when it was needed, it did it's job well.

2. True Blood- This sequence deserves to win an award. It's sexy, its dangerous, every scene is a complete contradiction to everything else. Nothing sums up the worst parts about the South better, and nothing will make you wish you were there more.

1. Lost - This intro is so good, I can't even find a clip of it on youtube. What? That doesn't make sense? I know, but whatever. Anyone who watches Lost will tell you, the second that screen goes black and then high pitched metal starts screeching...something amazing is happening...


Cosmetic Counter Girl said...

As soon as I saw the topic of this " things I love Thursdays" I was hoping you would mention lost! So so happy it made number one!