Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our House

When Jeff and I moved up to Charleston we decided that a one bedroom apartment in a generic apartment complex would be the best bet. We weren't familiar with the area and weren't sure when I would have a job, so one bedroom (read - cheap) was the best bet.

I was nervous because we've always lived in bigger places. Two bedroom, two bathroom...if not two bathroom then a yard and a garage. But it has surprisingly been just fine. We set up our little apartment perfectly, taking advantage of spaces and corners - it has never felt cramped or claustrophobic. There is just one problem - the garbage. Our cramped quarters mean that the living room sits right on top of the kitchen and since out cabinets are so full of plates and pots and other miscellaneous kitchen gadgets (i love kitchen gadgets, fyi) We have no where to hide out garbage can, no inconspicuous crack or corner to slide it into. No, it sits mere inches from our couch, our couch which (along with our coffee table) doubles as our dining room set. It also sits a bunny hop from our computer desk...and it smells. All the time. Sometimes it smells like rotting food, sometimes it smells like ocean water, but most of the time its the generic, overly sweet garbage smell. It has become the bane of my existence. I hate it. And aside from taking the garbage out every 10 minutes and spraying a ridiculous amount of Oust and Febreze at the same time (and sometimes bleach) I really don't know what to do about it.

There is one other thing about my apartment. I can't keep it clean. I can't keep a tiny, one bedroom apartment clean and while currently it's just a nuisance - a minor irritation - what it really does is make me think how ridiculous it will be when we have kids and live in a house. I start thinking about it and I find myself getting mad at my non existent children for the messes they have made in our imaginary house and holy shit am I such a horrible person to want to live in a clean house? It makes me feel better but it doesn't make me feel better to clean EVERY FUCKING DAY.

ok. I just cleaned the kitchen, now on to the bedroom, then bathroom, then living room, then go to work, come home and clean the floors and then clean the kitchen again after dinner.

Aw fuck.


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