Wednesday, January 21, 2009

updating out of responsibility to update

not because i have anything funny or clever or interesting to say. But let me try...i wrote a few jokes.

Q: What do you get when the biggest douche bag in the entire world has essentially kidnapped your computer and now that you've written a better business bureau complaint against him wont give it back to you unless you retract your complaint?

A: an update on my computer situation...and also, black mail.


So a stupid cunt with the listening comprehension skills of a brick wall walks into a class room full of students who are graduating in 11 days and begins demanding that they are all short at least 90 hours to graduate and even though she doesn't know this class at all or anything about these people she begins declaring that they are all irresponsible and should have been kicked out of the school along time ago. Everyone of them. Even though it's not even kinda true. It never occurs to her that maybe there was a computer glitch with the time clock.

haven't figured out the punch line on that one yet.

but thats ok because I have a punch line with out a joke -
this weekend they gave my grandfather, the one who plays guitar in a band every Saturday night and gardens and takes long walks, 3 to 6 months to live and put him in hospice.

this thread that i'm grasping is unraveling quickly.


bittersweetheart said...

Wow I'm sorry things are not going well. Now I feel like a deusche for pressuring for an update! Those doctors arent real good at predicting that stuff though. My grandma has had ovarian cancer for 8 years, and that's the "silent killer". Things aren't going well now but they say she's been quite an anomaly in the ovarian cancer world.