Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YES WE DID! (sort of...)

America, I am proud of you. Proud of us.

We, the people, have officially invited this passionate, innovative, honest man to lead our country out of this funk and slump of anger resentment and divisiveness and back to a place where we can stand up and truthfully say I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!! MY COUNTRY IS THE SHIT!

I've always tried to conjure up these feelings of patriotism, and while I certainly know how lucky I am to be citizen of the USA, I have never truly had that love that my parents and grandparents have.  As long as I have had any sense of politics, proclaiming your love of America meant blindly following bad leaders, and questioning and doubting them was unpatriotic. But here we are, we've done something HUGE guys. I can feel the joy in our country, the collective sigh of relief, the more steadied and relaxed heart beat of our nation. It's palpable.

Even you, Florida. I didn't know if you would pull through - but you did...kind of. We as a very torn state chose Obama but we also chose to pass amendment 2 - which changes our constitution to specify marriage as between a man and a woman and to make sure that no other types of unions are honored in the same way.

Gay marriage is already illegal in Florida. This wouldn't have changed if amendment 2 didn't pass. But somethings got to change, right?

Big time.

We have a huge elderly population in our sunshine state, that's no secret to anyone. A lot of these people are widowed or divorced or never married but are sick, in the last chapters of their lives. A ton of these people have legal unions where in which a friend of family member is granted the same legal rights as married couples - ie hospital visits, estate rights, health insurance. 

Guess what? This is now illegal. null and void. So who will be caring for these elderly people who have friends and family but they aren't legally aloud to care for them in hospital settings or have any kind of financial restitution for their time? State appointed care workers. Which we pay for in our taxes. So, there ya go. 

Was it worth it to be certain that two people deeply devoted to each other couldn't live equally as you because of their genders?


JQ said...

OMG I hope you gave all of your nutjob republican neighbors a big FUCK YOU!

Yay Obama! And yay Florida for not handing the presidency to an undeserving and completely unqualified candidate again!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you Sarah but I like you:) I found your blog b/c you wrote a list about being a server & it cracked me up.

Love your comment about same sex marriage...why do people give a fucking shit? Let people be with who they love sheesh!

Go Obama!