Monday, November 10, 2008

Live Free, Twihard.

Hi. My name is Sarah and I'm a Twilightaholic.

I haven't been sober since I started reading them back in July, I've only been keeping it a secret from all of you out here in blog world.

It's really becoming a problem. My fiance can't stand it. They are really some god awful pieces of literature. And yet my thoughts are constantly consumed with those of the dear sweet edward cullen and all of the things I would do if I were a vampire.

I went to lunch with Brittany today and we talked about Twilight the entire time.

We talked about how all of the characters in the book suck.

We talked about how the suck.

How the writing is terrible. Stop saying incredulous and nudger all the time Stepenie Meyer.

We talked about how winy and annoying Bella is.

How only someone mentally unstable wouldn't be able to move on when their high school boyfriend of like 3 months left them and then another great guy was in love her and she treats him like shit.

FUCKING RENESME. Whatever editor let Stephenie Meyer name a character RENESME needs to be fired. Black listed.

Breaking Dawn is more like a ten year old girl with no imagination wrote it then the same person who wrote Twilight.

We talked about how we can not wait for the movie to come out.
We discussed whether or not we should wear vampire fangs to the premiere. Not because of how unbelievably nerdy it is but because these vampires don't have fangs and we can't decide if its insulting or in honor.

We exchanged music that we have heard since reading the Twilight series and are convinced that it has to be about Twilight. Seriously, these bands wrote songs about Twilight whether they'll admit it or not.

We talked about how we're going to the Borders Twilght party on Saturday.

Well, it feels good to get that off of my chest.

Me on halloween...clearly i thought the fangs were a good idea, and, yes, thats a shirt with the cullen family crest on it.


bittersweetheart said...

Oh. My. God.

I completely agree.

Listen also to Skillet's "Comatose"

I think Stephenie's writing got better after Twilight because she found more creative words to describe Edward besides "beautiful" and "incredible"

I at first thought the idea of her getting prego was absolutely ridiculous. But it grew on me.

Renesmee? Definitely a ridiculous name. But....she respected both of the women who were mothers to her and wanted to honor them so....I'm letting it slide.

I can't wait for the movie. Although the characters don't look like how I imagined. Except for Alice.

I'm rereading twilight and also have coerced a student into reading it for our reading comprehension work. Is that pathetic?