Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sims 2? Please step into my office. We need to talk.

Yes Sims 2, thank you for being here.

As you know, you have been a great asset to my company ability to waste hours on end without noticing. The things you do around here have not go unnoticed. Of course it was amazing when you permitted the ability for my sims to have babies that grew into toddlers, children, teens, even young adults, adults, and then got old and died. That had been previously unheard of! Oh, The Sims 2! Your possibilities were limitless! Always coming out with a new expansion pack to give me new fashions, new music, even the ability for it to snow over in Pleasantville where previously it had always been pleasant! It seems, however, that your limitless possibilities have reached their limit. Today I will be letting you go. I will leave for work and on my home I will stop at Target to buy the newly released Sims 3, and you, sorry to say, will have to be deleted. And I will be awed and amazed by the Sims 3 and in a year or so I will see someone playing the Sims 2 and I will laugh at their inferiority to me and wonder how I ever had the slightest bit of fun playing, eh, Sims 2 when I have Sims 3! So much better! Seamless neighborhoods!! Everyone ages together! No more waiting an hour just to go to a community lot! And did I mention the personality traits? DID I?

So you understand why I must let you go. I will be happy to write you any recommendations that you might ask for, although you'll pretty much just be living in a drawer in my computer desk.

You can finish out the day.

Oh. And thank you for not crashing my computer and deleting yourself like The Sims did to me back in '02.


Vanessa said...

You are the FIRST one to catch the Mike Birbiglia quote! Nice job!