Monday, June 1, 2009

It doesn't have to be about Twilight for Brittany and me to be total nerds...

Brittany: i used to have a crush on him when i was 15

Me: dont lie. you like boys.

Brittany: oliver wood is older than us lady

Me: yeah, but plays a child and thats who you still love

Brittany: he was older than me when he played it, he played a 6th years and if i were in hogwarts i wouldve been a 5th year


Or course, this was after we spent last night and this morning discussing this - to discuss?


Davey Jones said...

It's operate, not opporate

Sarah said... a terrible speller. thanks!

bittersweetheart said...

Ok, I did get a little goosebumpy there at the end so it MIGHT be better than the first one. It had sure as hell better be. Uhhh Jacob? Soooo much better looking in this movie. Robert Pattinson? Still not attractive to me in the slightest which is the biggest drawback of seeing the movies. Kristen Stewart also gets on my nerves. BUT I heart Alice and her pixie haircut might balance out a little.

I'm still looking forward to seeing it, despite its drawbacks. Im definitely interested to see how the new director makes it different.