Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks

My last post was about 2 most embarrassing moments of my life.

Ok, now; take the one about my trip home from Europe and substitute the following items:

Instead of mean airport employees, replace with ass hole restaurant patrons.

Instead of waiting at the airport forever for our plane to get there, replace with only being sat 4 tables all night but having to stay until the restaurants closed because I had the patio and it was a freakin' gorgeous night but no one wanted to sit outside, "but there might be a late night rush!" (there wasn't.)

Instead of throwing up on the flight attendant, replace with breaking every single ash tray for the front porch in one fell swoop.

Instead of breaking into tears when the only nice flight attendant wished me a happy birthday, replace with breaking into tears when the regional manager shows up at the end of the night with homemade chocolate chip cookies, and then offers me one.

The Europe trip still wins because no one accused me of being a terrorist last night.

P.S. I woke up this morning, made brownies from scratch and will probably be my breakfast and lunch. mmm. topped with ice cream. mmmm.


Vanessa said...

I remember those nights, oh the fabled rush that of course never happens. I have a new blog for check it out, you'll relate. Also, I'm thinking about going back to waiting tables, you've kinda inspired me. ;)