Friday, March 27, 2009

Thats what she said

First week in Charleston went great.

I got a job.

Jeff and I kicked ass in a trivia game at a local bar.

and, most notably, we made friends with people on craigs list.

true story.

they're coming to trivia with us next week.

We knew it was true love because within 2 minutes of meeting each other, Jeff made a really inside Office joke and they got it.

match made in heaven on craigs list.


Vanessa said...

Match made on Craig's list? Either the town is just that way cool or you are the luckiest person on earth! Glad things are going well in the new city.

Rebecca said...

Congrats on the new job!
And trivia night!
And an instant new friend!
so so so happy for you!

bittersweetheart said...

That's awesome. If ever I move to a new city I'm going on craigslist to solicit friends.

Glad things are going well!

Breeny said...

Wanted: Person to watch Gossip Girl with, preferrably with a dog similar in size to mine.

Must love VMars, chocolate martinis, and weird/kind of gross cheese biscuits.

Lauren said...

Well I "found the time" today at work to finally check your blog-I have to say I chuckled out loud a couple times and to see that we "the notorious craiglists friends" made the blog is pretty classic. Perhaps you should put up my original desperate plea for fun friends that like to get drunk and "make some bad decisions"

ps. i started flight of the concords...and i'm having a little trouble getting into it. Maybe I should try again some time when I am drunk.

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