Saturday, February 7, 2009

Well that girls just never happy, is she?

I'm so bored.

But I'm not complaining. Well, maybe I am but not in the way I was honestly really complaining about going crazy and not being able to keep it together just a few weeks ago. I mean, I'm with Jeff, we are together. In our awesome little house with a front porch and an oak tree with a swing...but I don't have any friends here, or a job.

I have nothing to do! Which, you know, yay! But then...oh...I've already watched that episode of Psych...3 times...and after three times their witty puns aren't funny and all you can see is how stupid their crimes that they are solving are. (Obviously I can see that the first time around...but the witty puns are so very very witty!)

For reasons I can't explain because I'm a tad superstitious and don't want to talk about it, we are kind of floating in purgatory right now.

No, thats not right, because no matter what the outcome, its good. It's not like one option is a pony and the other option is we have to eat pony droppings for a year.*

But its a big change and one way or another we need to know whats going on so we can move on with out lives. We were suposed to know yesterday but now we won't know til Monday!!!!

*nor is it waiting to find out if I'm pregnant or not because...thats not on the schedule. so go ahead and erase that.