Saturday, February 21, 2009

A rant in which I complain about an injustice that is currently hindering me in smooth sailing...or...why I will be on welfair before easter

Do you ever feel like you're in a situation where all the decks are stacked against you?

Have you ever had to get a self-service rental truck to move to another state?

Every single company, U-Haul, Ryder, Budget, etc, have taken to the "very minor hours" policy. Specifically, the "Half day on Saturday, closed Sunday" policy.

Lets ask ourselves a question - when do general...move?

The answer, people, is the weekend. So lets say I'm moving to, oh, I don't know...Charleston, South Carolina and want to get a rental truck Saturday morning in St. Augustine, matter how quickly it takes me to move...I have to pay for that truck for 3 days because they wont be open Saturday night when I get up there, they won't be open Sunday and then they will charge me for Monday know...thats when I'll be returning it.

Now lets say that I'm able to get a truck on a Friday morning and then drive it to another state 5 hours away...and want to return it that night in said 5 hour away destination...well guess what? These rental companies decide how long it should safely take you to drive a truck from the pick up location to the return destination and they've let us know that the correct ammount of time it should take you to drive from North Florida to Southern South Carolina is three days. So, they totally let you return it whenever you want to, but they charge you a minimum of three days no matter what.

People...we drove to South Carolina on Thursday, found a place to live and was back by Friday evening.

Scammers! and there is nothing to do about it!!

Anyone want to contribute to the "Help Jeff and Sarah Hire Movers" fund?