Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What kinds of games do reindeer play, anyway?

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen? Comet? And Cupid? and Donner and Blitzen?

Aren't they just the biggest bunch of insecure ass holes you've ever heard of in your life? I mean, they're almost as bad as Heathers or the Plastics. I bet they did a lot of fucked up stuff to Rudolph just because he was different from them, a lot of stuff that never made it in the song.

So they torture this guy, and then as soon as Santa comes into play and decides that Rudolph serves a really good purpose (come on fucktards, don't you think he hired Ruddy in the first place for a reason??) then all of a sudden you just lllloooovvvveeeee hiiimmm?

Do you know how transparent you are? I'm not saying you should keep hating him, but really..."then how the reindeer loved him"? "and they shouted out with glee"?!?! Good God, you guys can't think for yourselves at all, can you? Most people don't go from hating someone to wanting to have them as their best man in one fucking verse of a two versed song.

I bet the only reason why you started picking on him in the first place was because Vixen made advances on him and Ruddy wasn't interested in sloppy eighths, so she got everyone else to hate him, too.

Vixens always starting shit.


Vanessa said...

Vixens always starting shit. This is why I call myself Vixen when I feel naughty!

bittersweetheart said...

hahahahahahah love it.

Also, I'm discovering my computer illiterate-ness as I try fruitlessly to install a chatbox on my tumblr. Or comments. Or a cool theme at all. How the hell did Brittany do it? I feel like I can't have a complete communication with my favorite blogger!

Sarah said...

I don't know but my friend Joanna (besties on ice) also has tumblr and it took me like 6 months to put comments in but she did that.

I made a tumblr account for like 10.3 seconds and decided it was way too hard for my liking. back to blogger i went...

Hold the Whipped Cream said...

I went to and put it in my theme HTML. It was kind of trial and error, but it eventually worked.

As for this entry... genius, Sarah. Purely genius. It makes me appreciate Christmas carols so much more when you realize how fucked up they are.

sterling_aih said...

Hey! You need to learn to spell Rudy. And you never addressed the issue of what kind of games reindeer play. That's why google brought me here. I shall say you make a good, albeit foul, point of the shallowness and judgementalism. Unfortunately humans still do this today, oft because social and political forces tell them it's ok. Actually those forces manipulate much behavior of young people today, who tend to stick to doing only the pre-approved. Ah, mass social acceptances which flip flop as the decades go by and the needs change. Remember slavery? Yeah. Did you know love is much stronger than hate and anger? That's the real weapon to make us all stronger. Peace and love to you, random internet person. I am gone.