Thursday, April 24, 2008

Be cool my babies.

Everyone has their personal favorite Simpson's quotes. Mine are the following:

Homer: (To the tune of the Flintstones theme song) "Homer! Homer Simpson! He's the greatest guy in history! From the town of Springfield, he's about to hit a chestnut tree! D'OH!"

Millhouse: This is like Speed 2! Only on a bus instead of a boat!!

Some guy: Max Power? That's a great name!
Homer: Thanks, I got it from a blow dryer.

Homer: What are you kids laughing at? If you say Jimmy Fallon, I'll know you're lying!


That last quote is the real reason we're here today, ladies and gentleman. It proves two points. The Simpsons are hilarious and Jimmy Fallon is a talentless hack who has managed to gain popularity at shit.

Oh, remember that one sketch on Saturday Night Live where someone other than Jimmy Fallon did something funny and then Jimmy Fallon started laughing because he lacks complete professionalism as a comedian. He also lacks any comedic skills as a comedian, but he's kinda cute and plays the guitar and vaguely reminds us of Adam Sandler? Remember that one?

Well, when Conan takes over for Leno, Fallon is taking Conan's slot! Who approved this? Who thinks Jimmy Fallon is funny? I don't. Homer don't. Joanna Don't.

That's enough people right there to declare this a total outrage to late night television, and entertainment in general. I really want to know, did the people who hired him watch Weekend News Update when he was the host? Maybe they were confused about who was who and made this deal thinking that they were hiring Tina Fey. It's a common mistake.
Or maybe they saw that really funny box office movie that he's been in since retiring from, wait...

Ok, enough Jimmy Fallon bashing for one day. My mommy is coming!