Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stop being an ass hat to people who don't deserve it

I should not have garnered this response from the technician who helped me out on the Bank of America live chat-

I asked him a simple, straight forward question. He gave me a simple, straight forward answer, as well as telling me (and I quote) "I request you not to worry at all" and "you need not to get disappointed, I have a best alternative for you"

and then I said - "great! thank you. That's all I need, you were very helpful. have a nice day!"

And boy was I lucky enough to not instantly close out the chat box because then he said-
"Pleasure is all mine! Thank you for your appreciation. Thank you. It was a pleasure assisting you today. Enjoy the rest of the day! Have a wonderful day! Take care and keep smiling! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the Holiday season snow joy and cheer on you! Thank you. Bye and take care of yourself! You have been so wonderful. It is a privilege to have a wonderful customer like you. Bank of America is delighted to have customers like you."

To which I ask you, American society, why are you such an ass hole? Seriously. Stop treating people like shit.


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