Monday, May 11, 2009

Watch the f-bomb get dropped quite a lot for new good reason

Can we leave ms. California the fuck alone?

seriously. She said something really stupid. I don't agree with her at all but here is the thing about our country...she's totally aloud to think what she thinks - and shes aloud to say it out loud.

Yeah, she should really stop her talk show circuit - or at least form a slightly more informed opinion about the differences between legal unions and religious marriages - but really, lets all shut up about her. So what, she posed nude, all you media outlets are looking like douche bags. It actually reminds me of what would happen in our sorority in college - one girl would do something kind of fucked up, but usually not anymore fucked up then the rest of her group - but for some reason the collective conscious of the group would suddenly decide that this person had to be kicked out, and had to pay.
It was always completely organic and always got way out of hands. See: mean, public facebook groups, getting alumni parents involved, getting the girls kicked out of the sorority, completely alienating them from their core support groups.
(I'm not even talking about one single incident is the worst part)

She got a boob job - and the state of California ratted her out? Even though the state of California paid for it? Thats like going "Annie did cocaine! I know she did! I gave it to her! What an awful person!"

In conclusion - media outlets, stop being such gigantic tools. This is not worthy of our time.
Beauty Queen - You should shut the hell up too. You're a fucking beauty queen. And you're not very smart.


Becs said...

I just think it's funny how everyone is attacking her even though Obama has said pretty much the same thing. He believes marriage should be between a man and a woman too. Crazy how that isn't talked about in the media, huh?

Sarah said...
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Breeny said...