Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The weatherman who called Faye

When Katrina hit in 2005, the public and media gave the residence of New Orleans a whole buttload of crap for not evacuating. So much of the country was outraged that thousands of people would stay put, despite the warnings to leave.

Those outraged people did not live in areas of high hurricaine impact.

I have lived 22 of my 23 years in either or Tampa or Tallahassee where hurricaines happen.

And more so than that? Hurricaines that are predicted to happen and dont.

Yesterday there was substantial manditory evacuations for Tampa Bay...any one who lived in low lying areas, anyone who lived near any kind of water, any one in a mobile home...manditory.

Schools were cancelled in 5 counties in the Tampa Bay area.

The forecast for today (based on my keen ability to look out windows)? Sunny. And a little wind.

Hurricaines are not something to be taken lightly, they can cause a lot of pain and distruction. It's great that we can see them coming, but just because they're heading in a certain direction doesn't mean they stay that way. Forecasters know this yet they continue to drum up fear and anxiety in people.

Honestly, I could have gotten a sunburn yesterday if I spent it outside. And yet, on the national news chanels, they kept telling me how it was terrible outside, just the begining of something awful.

And today, too. I just turned on the news and checked and they both told me that right now, in my zip code, we're having torential down pours.

Even though Faye hit Ft. Myers and the projected path now is essentially all of florida except Tampa Bay.
Are they trying to convince people that they aren't complete idiots?

I imagine some old woman sitting inside her laundry room with her daughter yelling at her that shes fine, she can come out, but keeping strong to her convictions that "the weather man tells me its real bad out there! real bad!"