Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi, my name is estrogen.

I'm wondering why I neglected to consider the possibilities of horribleness that would ensue when 13 women are put in a room for 8 hours a day, 5 days in a row. I guess I thought because I'm a more mature person that everyone else should follow suit. I mean, hello people, I've reached a reasonable maturity mean, catch up here!
But holy goodness the cattiness, the 2 facedness, the talking behind peoples back and then the talking about the person who was talking behind the back. And I wish I could say that it stayed amongst the student. Nu uh, the educators are playing this game too. There are simply not enough people in the class to be ostracising yourself by the third week!
This is worse than sorority drama...but I would imagine it's because I didn't have to sit in a small room with a dozen of my sorority sisters for such long periods of time day after day, I'm sure under those circumstances the notch would be raised to unfathomable heights.
But anyway, we literally had to write down every thing we liked and disliked about every other person in the class. See what I mean, the teachers instigate this.

Is it February yet?


Vanessa said...

Maybe you can make brownie and put valium in them? You know, just to give yourself a day off? ;-)

bittersweetheart said...

That is exactly why I quit working at the Harley dealer. Two faced catty nonsense all day long.